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There are no kosher restaurants in the Triangle.    Closest to our area is Pita Planet in Myrtle Beach, and Mr Schwarma in Virginia Beach.

The closest large kosher store is Gleibermans in Charlotte.

There are kosher-certified Knishes baked locally available from Knish-delicious



Our new Triangle Kosher Corner has lunch and dinner take-out options for individuals and families. We also offer catering for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. 

For groups and larger orders ($250 and higher) another catering option is Atara Harari. She has a wide variety of delicious choices for your Simcha, Kiddush, or travel needs. She can be reached at  713-505-9172 or ataradelicious@yahoo.com.  Order must be made seven days in advance.

General Grocery Stores & Kosher Meat & Chicken

1) The Kosher Co-op at Chabad of Cary offers frozen deli, chicken, beef, fish, and more. It is open Sundays and several times throughout the week. Please see the website for more information.

1.     Trader Joes - in Cary, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh 

They usually carry Empire chicken, Glatt Kosher Beef along with many kosher items throughout the store including kosher wines.

3.    Publix in North Raleigh has a selection of chicken, beef, and dry goods.  The Cary and Apex stores also have some items but not as extensive as the one in Raleigh

4) Fresh Market, and the Whole Foods in Raleigh also frequently carry Empire or Kosher Valley Chicken.

There is also a helpful FB group called "Kosher in Raleigh" 

Delivery Services 

KC Kosher Co-Op: Raleigh Delivery 2-4 times a year 

913.712.9205 or E-Mail Contact: admin@kckoshercoop.com  Web Address: www.kckoshercoop.com

Grillers Pride Co-Op: Raleigh Delivery Every 6 Weeks 

770.454.8108  or web Address: www.grillerspride.com

Delivery/Pick Up Location Durham/Chapel Hill and Raleigh

Gleibermans in Charlotte occasionally makes special deliveries to the Raleigh/Durham area.

(704) 563-8288


Chabad of Raleigh has a daily minyan. Please contact them for latest times as well as information about their Shabbos Guest Suite.  Other synagogues in the area offer minyanim on Shabbos and occasional other times such as Sunday and Rosh Chodesh.

Jewish Federation of Raleigh/Cary

You can find other Jewish resources at the Jewish Federation of Raleigh/Cary and JCC. A list of synagogues is here.

Raleigh-Cary JFS

Jewish Family Services offers social and human services in the community. More information at RaleighCaryJFS.org